2020 Report (emails)

CPF has never asked for, and so does not hold, an email address for the 100,000 members.

• Consequently CPF cannot circulate information or communicate quickly with us.

• Most other LGPS funds have already asked members for an email address
• CPF could offer online member web-based discussion pages,
• CPF could conduct surveys or seek views in advance of consultations which is how central government bodies consult.

• Page 174 of the 2018 / 2019 Annual Report, headed Member Self-Serve said : “The Fund has agreed a roadmap with its pension administration software provider to introduce member self-serve. This will allow members to view their own personal data, and perform benefit estimates and access documents, such as their annual benefit statements in an efficient, flexible and secure way. This should improve the access members have to their pension benefits and related information and reduce printing and postage costs.”
• This same phrase appears “cut and paste” word for word on page 182 of the 2019 / 2020 Annual Report