2020 Investment Strategy and Responsible Investment

The consultations have now closed on the Investment Strategy Statement and the Responsible Investment Policy. CPF have now published details of the responses received and the final policies are now on the website, as well as a summary in the 2020 Cheshire Chat

CPF Summary of Consultation outcomes

2020 Cheshire Chat

This ISS /RIP consultation resulted in 8 responses (out of 100,000 members). An earlier consultation on the Funding Strategy in 2020 resulted in 4 responses (out of 300 employers in the fund).

In April we asked Pension Board about the timing and timescales of these consultations, the low number of responses to both, and how much involvement the Pension Board had, according to the Pension Board agendas and papers

Our Members Forum questions, and the Pension Board response

Pension Boards – 2015 The Pension Regulator

Investing in firms with better record on social issues pays (The Guardian, May 2020)