2020 Report (website)

The CPF website was revised and relaunched on 17 January 2020 – described as the “personalisation of the members journey” and “default channel”.

We fail to see that.

  • Page 174 of the 2018 / 2019 Annual Report, promised a major Website Review for the coming year:
    • “A major review and redesign of the Fund’s website has been commissioned and will be implemented in 2019/20. This will include a fundamental review of the members journey and experience through the website. With the objective of improving the personalisation of the members journey and the Fund’s communications to more closely reflect career and life events. The primary objective being that the website will become the default channel and source of information for member and employer queries.”
  • • Page 181 of the 2019 / 2020 Annual Report, is a “cut and paste” word for word which suggests CPF do know if the website is a “default channel” or not. We question if CPF have reviewed the launch:
    • o The SUBSCRIBE option for latest news emails was re-introduced only in December 2020, having been inactive all year.
    • o We have asked for this option to be mentioned on 2021 payslips and Cheshire Chat
    • o Reports and items over three years old are now no longer available.
    • o There is no SEARCH option on text
    • o There are still no online web-based discussion pages