2020 Report (Cheshire Chat)

“Cheshire Chat” the one CPF pensioner newsletter is published on-line annually. 

If CPF held members email addresses it could publish and email newsletters more frequently.

Pensioners were told about the 2020 on-line only edition via payslips on 18 March 2020, so it was written and published in February or early March.

Page 8 describes the ISS / RIP (Investment Strategy Statement and Responsible Investment Policy) as completed and published.

  • In March 2020 that consultation was still open.
  • That statement may have deterred some pensioners from commenting, and so more than eight response might have been received

Page 11 contained an external link for a survey on CPF. 

  • The results of previous Cheshire Chat surveys before 2017 have never been published.
  • Questions were designed by CPF with no involvement with 100,000 members
  • This 2020 survey received just 22 responses.
  • Little publicity was not given to the responses, which were finally published in August 2020 on the website only, and tucked away at the bottom of the webpage
  • https://www.cheshirepensionfund.org/members/resources/pensioner-newsletter/
  • Question 8 showed support for more information from CPF to pensioners
  • Question 9 bizarrely offered a choice of only “one of three”, but all three are not mutually exclusive, and a pension fund must offer all three.
  • Question 11 showed that only three respondees did not want an AGM