2020 Report (Communications)

The “Cut and Paste Communication Strategy”

The 2019 / 2020 CPF Annual Report was published on 1 December 2020. 

This 190 page Report covers the financial year BEFORE the impact of COVID.

The Communications and Engagement Strategy (pages 179 to 188) is “Cut and Paste” from 2018 / 2019. We have asked whether the Committee and Board were aware of that

  • Consultations were not reviewed
  • Past projects are still described as future projects
  • No new projects were added for 2020 / 2021
  • No mention is made of the Cheshire Chat survey results

The Pension Board Report is pages 51 to 58

The Communication Strategy still does not recognise our Members Forum, and does not discuss a members AGM despite support for that in the 2020 Cheshire Chat questions.

We think that CPF communication is one way, and CPF does not seek 100,000 members views properly.