2021 Infrastructure, FCA, GTAG

UK Infrastructure Bank opens for business (June 2021) “UK businesses and communities will have billions of pounds available from today (17 June) as Chancellor Rishi Sunak opens the new UK Infrastructure Bank to support local growth and tackle climate change. Launched today at its headquarters in Leeds, the UK Infrastructure Bank will be tasked with accelerating investment into ambitious infrastructure projects, cutting emissions and levelling up every part of the UK”

FCA Climate change and sustainable finance (June 2021) “Financial services and markets have an important role to play in the transition to a more sustainable future. The pressure is also increasing on business to be more purposeful and responsible.”

“Greenwash” (June 2021) GTAG The Green Technical Advisory Group will oversee the Government’s delivery of a “Green Taxonomy” – a common framework setting the bar for investments that can be defined as environmentally sustainable.”