2023 CPF Pension Board

In the Spring Newsletter (only available to download from the CPF website) CPF asked for expressions of interest in becoming a member of the CPF Pension Board.

This has not been publicised to every pensioner because CPF have never asked us for our email addresses, even though it is 2023. It was also not mentioned on the two payslips which have been posted to pensioners in March and April or the P60 in May. 

The Pension Board 2 May 2023 agenda / minutes are on the CPF website at https://www.cheshirepensionfund.org/members/about-us/how-we-manage-the-fund/governance-structure/pfc/

  • Item 6 on the Agenda was “Managing the Impact of Climate Change on Investments”. 
  • Not “Managing the impacts of Investments on Climate Change”