215 Houses in Cheltenham, why not here ?

We question why the ten councillors who manage CPF here are using our £6.5bn fund to build homes in Cheltenham, rather than here in Cheshire for our communities, our families, and our futures.

CPF and 215 new houses in Cheltenham (February 2022)

CPF owns a portfolio of 30 properties, but NOT ONE is in Cheshire, Warrington or Halton, the area covered by CPF, funded both by employees and all Council Tax payers.

Click to read the letter from Cheltenham Civic Society to all Councillors about the proposed 215 houses – “A proposal such as this simply would not be permitted to desecrate Chester’s rich heritage so why should it be acceptable to destroy Cheltenham’s?”

Press Coverage, (from both Cheshire and Gloucestershire)





Our 2018 and 2019 Press Releases on Housing, and also the CPF property in London with a strip club in the basement, show that little has changed !