Can We Talk ?

We have offered to discuss our Forum and our campaign throughout Cheshire, Warrington, and Halton, to groups and clubs……………………

  • We would welcome the chance to give a short presentation / talk to your members at one of your monthly meetings
  • As you will see from the website we are a members only campaign to ask our local government pension fund to hold an AGM, and to discuss with members some of the investments they hold, and also to have some sort of interactive discussion webpages for members to express views.
  • We realise that only some of your members will be CPF pensioners. However the issues of how funds are invested are relevant for all pensioners. Our overall focus is more on how our CPF invests which is common to a lot of pension funds.
  • Our campaign is not only about fossil fuels and climate change, but other areas such as WONGA, tax avoiders, tobacco, and property (such as the London building we own with a Strip Club, for which we get rent). We say the fund trustees do not take enough interest in where investments are held, and are only guided by investment managers in London.
  • One dimension that certainly does impact on all of your members, is that they all pay their Council Tax to CWAC or East Cheshire. That will include paying the Employers Contribution of all pensions for council employees. Cheshire Pension Fund has been criticised for its high management costs. For example in 2015 the CPS report included “league” tables that reveal an incredible range in the operating costs of individual LGPS funds. For example, Cheshire’s reported total costs per member were nearly 19 times those of West Yorkshire’s.
  • Our last press release showed how a number of LGPS funds are investing in housing in their areas.
  • We hope you will have a look at our website and let us know if you think you would like to hear from us.