2021 Communications

In January 2021 we asked CPF to recognise our Forum and website using

  • The Spring 2021 Cheshire Chat – our single annual newsletter !
  • Any of the Spring 2021 payslips – in the comments box normally left blank !

This has been refused by CPF. We have expressed our disappointment and suggested that “Communication should be encouraged by a fund with 100,000 members, and our independent Forum is trying to improve this but so far with little support from trustees. Response to your recent consultations with members was lamentable  It is 2021 yet

  • CPF have never asked us for an email address
  • CPF do not have web-based discussion pages
  • The 2020 RI Consultation attracted less than 10 responses, no-one was told.
  • The CPF Communications Strategy in the latest Annual Report is “Cut and Paste” from the previous year, no projects were updated or new ones added.
  • Inertia is mentioned in the CPF Business Plans for 2018-22 (page 8) and 2019-23 (page 10).”
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