As the UK hosts COP26, predictably, 2021 sees many studies, announcements, initiatives and reports…… Many focus on the power of banks and pension funds to invest for ESG, reduce emissions, and meet the Paris Agreement.

Most urge someone else / governments to legislate or act. Others declare their own path to Net Zero but often without any real details or targets, which are just “Greenwash”.

In April the Treasury warned against “Greenwash” and self publicity designed to hide any real action by companies, banks and pension funds . In June 2021 they announced the Green Treasury Advisory Group

Some of those reports and announcements…….

In June 2021 the Climate Change Committee warned that “The UK has the capacity and the resources to respond effectively to these risks, but it has not yet done so. Acting now will be cheaper than waiting to deal with the consequences. Government must lead that action.”

The August 2021 IPCC Sixth Report called a Code Red for Humanity, also highlighted the delays