2020 Councillors and Climate Emergencies

Our CPF Members Forum campaign is for a members AGM, and also discussion pages on the CPF website for members. Members are concerned by several types of current investments such as gambling, property, tax avoiders, tobacco, harmful social media companies, money lending, and of course climate change and emissions for a Net Zero future..

We think we can and must invest for the future in areas such as housing, clean green energy, and infrastructure, while generating jobs and prosperity in Cheshire and globally.

In 2020 the power of finance and pension funds to promote positive changes while they remain profitable is increasingly highlighted in the news. Climate Change has become that driving force. The links here show our members’ concerns that CPF investments must promote social good, and develop change for the future for our families, our health, and our environment…….

BlackRock is the largest finance house in the world. In the annual letter from the CEO to investors for 2020, Larry Fink warns Climate Risk Is Investment Risk. It starts ” As an asset manager, BlackRock invests on behalf of others, and I am writing to you as an advisor and fiduciary to these clients. The money we manage is not our own. It belongs to people in dozens of countries trying to finance long-term goals like retirement. “. It continues “... awareness is rapidly changing, and I believe we are on the edge of a fundamental reshaping of finance.” and that ” In the near future – and sooner than most anticipate – there will be a significant reallocation of capital.”. All newspapers covered this such as in The Guardian. “BlackRock landmark change on Climate Change”

February 2020 Press Release 11 Councillors and Climate Emergencies (CWAC)

January 2020 NHS concerns on Gambling and Gaming companies

January 2020 DAVOS Summit – Greenpeace release their study “It’s the Finance Sector, Stupid”

2019 Bill McKibben ( 350.org ) New Yorker article – Divestment and Governments for Net Zero

January 2020 Social Media use by Young People – concerns by Royal College of Psychiatrists

December 2019 “BIG SIX” Tax Avoiders (Amazon, Facebook, Google, Netflix, Apple and Microsoft) have been accused of “aggressively avoiding” $100bn (£75bn) of global tax over the past decade.