2021 Responsible Investment

January 2021 Pensions Expert – DWP “Revolutionary” Climate Change Agenda

February 2021 Guardian Item “Massive losses should be a warning to big oil that its bonanza is over

January 2021 Brunel Pool and other investors – French asset manager Amundi, Swedish insurance company Folksam and UK pension pool Brunel Pension Partnership among a diverse group of 15 institutional investors backing ShareAction’s call for HSBC to reduce its exposure to fossil fuels

ShareAction campaign on Responsible Investment and Pensions for the Next Generation

ShareAction and the All Party Parliamentary Group on Sustainable Finance: The Change We Need: Model legislation to promote responsible long-term investment by institutional investors.

  • This report explains “the idea of ‘double materiality’ which is taking hold in the finance sector. This is the idea that investors should think not just about the likely consequences of ESG factors on the financial value of their portfolios, but should also think about the impact their portfolio and decisions have on society and the environment. Without making this change, the investment system will continue to operate as if in a vacuum, as if the way it functions has no impact on the real world. And in doing so, it puts other systems, systems important to our survival, at risk.”

CCC December 2020 Committee on Climate Change reports include “The Road to Net Zero Finance” on the future role of banks and pension fund investing

See also ESG or “Greenwash”